Night Club 2-Step

Night Club 2-Step

Nightclub 2-Step (NC2S) was created in the mid-1960s by Buddy Schwimmer and has its origins in Latin Rumba.  However, NC2S is much less structured than Latin Rumba because it was adapted for club-style environment and danced in a more casual, natural & relaxed manner.
Considered the romantic dance for the WCS community, it is done primarily to Contemporary Ballad music but can also be done to those music used for Zouk or Kizomba as well.  One such popular song perfect for NC2S is “Lady in Red” by Chris DeBurgh.  Like Ballroom Waltz, NC2S is ideally suited for those romantic occasions (ie. Weddings, Valentines Day, Homecoming or Proms) for which they are intended.  And NC2S is also one of the easiest dances to master.

NC2S is done to 4/4 time music and to the rhythm of either Slow-Quick-Quick (SQQ) or Quick-Quick-Slow (QQS) with the Quick-Quick done to the drum rolls and the Slow done to the strong thump sound.  In other words, there is a side step (for the Slow) with a back rock step (for the Quick-Quick).

For information about NC2S, check the following links:





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